Down With Revolution


Having moved to the United States as a young man in 1981, studying at Kean University and Ohio University, Virinder Parhar spent about 10 years of his life in the New York City area, before moving to a small village in Ohio. The serenity of the Ohio river inspired him to pen down his thoughts. In that natural landscape, he enjoyed looking at the blue water of the Ohio River and the freshwater lakes in his spare time. That’s where he wrote his first novel Autobiography of a Dog and a poetry collection I Belong to Someone Else.

After spending about twenty-five years in the USA, he moved back to India. In the midst of orange orchids, the writer now lives in a farm-house in Punjab. Aside from being a writer and poet, he is also a social activist and philanthropist. Over a 100 brick houses have been constructed for poor families living in slum areas by his charitable organization, Home for Homeless.



This novel Down with Revolution is his description of the unforgiving world around him. It tells the heart-breaking story of a low-caste man how he was used by politicians during elections — and his girlfriend Baby who became a Christian after being tired of the mistreatment by the dominant section of society. Their lover affair was not accepted by orthodox society. Their love story meets a tragic end when Bunty was sent to jail in a murder case during the election and Baby became a nun.

A Brahmchari priest in an ancient temple fell in love with a young widow. A society that was unaccepting of their secret affair brutally murdered them. A sweeper of the temple was accused and sent to jail in murder case. Some years later, the widow’s relative appeared at the police station to reveal that he murdered both of them in an honor killing.

This novel has many shocking stories telling tales of misdeeds in Indian Society.

The author has attempted to be a voice for the voiceless by narrating the stories of victims of dirty politics, religious violence and state atrocities.

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