Essence of Bhagavadgita -A Contemporary Perspective


‘Writing on the Gita has been a learning experience. Why Gita, was the first question that came to my mind when I embarked on this spiritual odyssey. Gita, already so well known, so well understood, and so much written about and by so many. My discussions, with many an intellectual and spiritual mind, were revelatory. What emerged was that the Gita though appears simple in its verses initially, but the simplicity yields to complexity beyond the opening chapters. It thus became my mission to learn and present the Gita in a simpler manner and share my level of knowledge or lack of it with one and all’.

– The Author

‘Metaphysical discussion on the Gita is a complex process. I have always been curious to read this sacred book but found it difficult to comprehend beyond the initial few chapters. This book has been written in a precise and concise manner making it easy to read. Anyone who is interested in a practical guide to living well should definitely read this book.’

-Ms Neetu Bawa

‘It was a pleasure to go through your new book. It is superb. It gives profound knowledge about one of the oldest and most revered texts of the world. Most of us lack in-depth knowledge of this holy book. This book helps to bridge the gap and serves to make us easily understand and follow the unique philosophy and teachings of the Gita. Written in simple and lucid language, it is easy for everyone to follow. Overall this book is a treasure’

-Sharmistha Bhattacharya


Major General Purshotam Vig, AVSM, VSM (Retired) was born in 1944 in the picturesque township of Baramulla of Jammu & Kashmir State. He was commissioned in the then Corps of Electrical and Mechanical Engineers of the Indian Army in1964. In the course of his eventful career spanning nearly four decades, he was to acquire high end qualifications both in the technical and executive channels. Decorated twice by the President of India for his distinguished services, he is a rare combination of an intellectual mind, and a keen observer of life.

Post-retirement his life took a turn in a totally different direction. Whilst continuing with his sports and literary pursuits, he accidentally sauntered into writing. This was the beginning of a fresh challenge for him which grew bigger by the day.

His first book, an autobiographical anthology of essays on life, was published in 2010. Thereafter, he has gone on to author many books, including an autobiography of his pet, short stories from military life, essays on various facets of life, spirituality and poetry. Although the plots and genres of his writings varied in each of his successive works, yet the theme remained common to all, it was on ‘life’. To unravel the mystery of life in his quest for the truth.

His expression is simple. His thoughts are flowing and are straight from the heart. His writings are rich in content. These are inspirational for many and have a subtle message for one and all. There is so much to pick up from his writings.

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