This book is written by a well-renowned senior journalist T.S Chawla. He was nominated in 1974, as a member of the prestigious Press Union of the world, at that time ‘Commonwealth Press Union (CPU), London”, one year, after Mr Chawla started in 1973, his English monthly journal ‘BARRICADE’, still going onnearing completion of Golden Jubilee. At that time, hardly fourteen members from India, primarily editor-in-chief of important National Dailies of the country, were nominated members. He established his own printing press andran it for seventeen years. He has the honour of representing important

‘National English Daily’ papers for thirty years. A famed columnist, he has command over English, Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu. A rare multi-dimensional personality, Mr Chawla has been a member of the ‘Film Censor Board’ of India. He was president of ‘Baseball’ sports of the State for a decade. Winning Happiness is his first book which won accolades the world over.



Launching Success is Mr Chawla’s second book. An original book written from the heart and mind, it gives us fresh ideas on ways of launching a successful journey in life. He has not consulted any outward source or books but generated fresh ideas by looking inwards and drawing from his vast experience of life.   He has mentioned various odds and constraints which come in the way of achieving success and how to conquer them. This book will motivate you to reach not only greater heights in your professional career but also bring happiness and contentment in your life. Written in simple and lucid style, it is extremely easy to comprehend and follow if you are determined to do so. Mr Chawla is confident that if his words are followed by any human being on earth, regardless of  his station in life, he will taste success in the truest sense of the word.

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